Welcome to Singing Lessons Devon!

Whether you’re looking to perfect a song for a friend’s wedding, record yourself singing in a studio, are auditioning for drama school, need support with GSCE or A level music, or just want to try something new, singing lessons are a fantastic way of gaining singing and musical ability, and in turn all-round confidence, whilst having fun.

It could be that you’re facing your fear by having singing lessons. For many people picking up the phone to inquire is a huge deal. Inhibitions that can restrain us from singing on own own, or in front of just one other person, can set quite a hurdle. Everybody has their own unique style, and, like with any sport that requires exercising muscle control, all it takes a little dedication to unlock it. When inhibitions are faced and overcome the results are amazing! Not only an improvement in singing but more importantly a huge boost of confidence and indescribable feel good factor! There is a Chinese proverb ‘He who sings frightens away his ills’. This sums it up! The feel-good factor after a good sing is quite unbelievable, and singing has been known to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and many other emotional and even physical ailments. Think of it as a form of Detox!

About Katie

Katie grew up in a musical family and has taught singing, piano and music theory for over 20 years. Trained classically on violin and piano, playing for the Devon Youth Orchestra at 13, Katie completing grade 8 violin and has an Honours Degree in Music. Katie’s singing lessons are informal, relaxed and are tailored to each individual. No one’s voice or needs are the same and everybody comes along for a different reason. You can rehearse specific songs that you may need to work on, sing through your favourite tunes for enjoyment, or learn songs she will recommend based on your vocal style. In terms of technical support here are just some of the areas of vocal work you will cover:

  • Breathing: This is the bottom line in singing! A few simple pointers can break old, damaging habits.
  • Exercises:Using vocal exercises to warm & train the voice may seem strange at first, but they WORK.
  • Intonation: This is the posh word for pitching, or singing in tune.
  • Harmony: Training the ear to sing with other people in parts. Very satisfying!
  • Understanding Vocal Registers: Getting to know your voice and what it can do is a great confidence booster.
  • Vocal Health: How to look after your instrument. It’s easy to get it wrong and cause damage.
  • Placement: Learning where the sound is produced & how to control and focus your voice.