Welcome to Singing Lessons Devon

Whether you’re looking to perfect a song for a friend’s wedding, record yourself singing in a studio, are auditioning for drama school, need support with GSCE or A level music, or just want to try something new, singing lessons are a fantastic way of gaining singing and musical ability, and in turn all-round confidence, whilst having fun. It could be that you’re facing your fear … Continue reading Welcome to Singing Lessons Devon

Professional Vocalists in North Devon

Katie and Sophie are vocal coaches, but are also both professional singers. They regularly gig with their band Soul Agency, offer session singing services and are available for hire for events, from weddings, fairs, parties and other special occasions. With absolutely beautiful range and tone to their voices, being sisters their voices compliment each other seamlessly, and are perfect for harmonising, and both lead and … Continue reading Professional Vocalists in North Devon